We provide proactive quality services for early detection of security incidents.
After years of experience working in the cybersecurity sector, we observed a trend in organizations:

      •  The delegation of security in the tools and not in the technical expertise.
      •  Reactive approaches, based on the reception of alerts.
      •  GAPs to manage alerts/incidents detected.

Our philosophy focuses on empowering the human team.
      •  We believe in expert teams and their continuous development.
      •  We believe in taking the tools beyond their potential by default.
      •  We believe in a first line of detection trained to identify suspicious activity in its early stages.

That's why ALPINE SECURITY was born.

Alpine Security's offering focus at deploying services and solutions for proactive detection based in a global and optimized approach that allows our deployment and service operations to obtatin a quick return for the clients.

Our differential values:          
     - Adaptative solutions and services.
     - Experts at your service.
     - We adapt to each customer and their technology.

Alpine Security is focused on improving our customers:   

     - With our help you will increase the level of protection and defense of your company against incidents.   
     - We will raise the level of your response and containment capabilities.    
     - We complement and improve the objectives sought by the current security services and technologies deployed at our clients.

Our orientation is aimed at reducing the costs derived from Incidents if they occur, through the continuous improvement of the security capabilities of our clients and the deployment of early detection mechanisms.

we hunt

Our Mission

We believe that proactive threat hunting is essential in today's rapidly evolving threat landscape, where even advanced security measures are no longer sufficient to protect against sophisticated attacks.

We think as they act, we track them, we hunt them down.

Talent as a Service

Security expertise is fundamental key for our services. Expertise in real incidents and Threat Hunting is one of the keys of our success.

By continuously searching for potential threats, we can protect our clients' networks and data, and ensure their business continuity.

Taking on the Threat World

With our dedicated team of experts and state-of-the-art security infrastructure, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of cybersecurity.

Whether it's protecting against advanced cyber threats or implementing new security protocols, we are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the safety and security of our clients.

Our Values

We are a passionate group of security experts with wide experience in Incident Response, Cybersecurity, Infrastructure, Industrial Security and Red Team.

     - We combine our efforts and share our success.    
     - We are passionate about challenges to continuously improve.
     - We take seriously the responsibility of our commitments.
     - Customer's safety is our top priority.

Continuous Evolution

As we continue to grow and evolve, we are excited to see what the future holds and look forward to providing our clients with the highest level of protection.

Our passion for security drives us to constantly improve and expand our knowledge and expertise.

We are constantly seeking out new technologies and methods to enhance our security capabilities and provide our clients with the best protection.