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advanced threat detection

Threat detection and response is the most important aspect of cybersecurity for organizations.

Your organization will quickly identify and limit the impact of threats by effectively exploiting your current capabilities, or deploying only those that are truly necessary, with no need of new investments.

Our Blue Team vertical encompasses all proactive and defensive measures we implement to protect our clients from cyberthreats



Execution of threat emulation services simulating real incidents suffered by real organizations, emulating the Kill Chain and the TTPs used by the real actors behind the compromise.

Our toolset is composed by the same tools used by the Threat Actors to simulate the TTPs in controlled customer environments.



Consulting Services focused on Readiness improvement projects such as:

   -  Incident Readiness Maturity Analysis
   -  Incident Response Plans
   -  Development of Playbooks
   -  Development of Runbooks
   -  Execution of Workshops



Recreating an attacker’s perspective and experience requires more than a simple automated vulnerabilityscan.

Our external penetration service takes care of your perimeter – services,applications, websites – if a resource is discoverable by an attacker, you can guarantee we will put it to the test. 

Our methodology, proprietary toolset, and automated and manual techniques can recreate real-world attack conditions and uncover potential attack vectors.

Hybrid Application Analysis

Hybrid Application Analysis is an important step in ensuring the security and integrity of a software application or system.

By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, your organization can reduce the risk of successful attacks and protect your assets and sensitive data.


Advanced Threat Detection encompasses all proactive and defensive measures we implement to protect our clients from cyber threats. It leverages the proactive usage of the data and telemetry from diverse different security sources available, such as EDR, Security Logs, SIEM, Event Systems, and Cloud Log services.  

Our Threat Hunting service approach aims to reduce the Dwell Time of threat actors to limit and thwart their post-exploitation actions.

Identifying malicious activity in its earliest stages will help reduce the impact of a security incident by preventing attackers from achieving their objectives within the organization.

The objective is to proactively detect malicious activity by using the results of refined search processes with the analysis of our expert team of Threat Hunters.

·  Our team combine thousands of hours of experience in incidents and threat hunting with extensive experience in the usage of the main tools available at the market.

·    Our team have wide experience in analysing complex data sets and identifying potential threats within large networks.

·       We are very familiar with the most common methods and TTPs used by Red Teams and attackers (lateral movements, phishing techniques, EoP, etc.) that allow us to identify potential threats and take appropriate action to neutralize them.

·      Our services gather the details and function of the networks and systems configurations of our customers in order to effectively analyse them for potential threats.

Given the increased risk posed by more active threat actors and their increasingly sophisticated attacks, organizations that only rely on traditional security provided by EDR tools or Security Services require new ways to improve their cyber resilience.

Alpine Security's Deception technology provides security capabilities to early detect and decrease attacker dwell time on the network by distributing our traps and decoys across a system's infrastructure to deceive attackers.

Advance Threat Detection services are purpose-built to improve cyber resilience, where Alpine Security has specifically built their service for a resource constrained audience in order to provide best-in-class service to any organization.

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Advanced Threat Emulation focuses on simulating real-world attacks to identify and test the weaknesses in a client's security posture.

Our Penetration Testing methodology, based in zero, partial, or full-knowledge assessments covers from reconnaissance services to identify any external system in scope and the gathering of information on designated networks and applications, to a full vulnerability and pentesting assessment. 

Adversary Emulation is our Red Team approach to assist our customers by reproducing the real-world threat of an attacker attempting to exploit target networks and applications to identify weakness and enhance customer’s defence capabilities, this service will emulate real actions from real actors used to compromise organizations around the World. 

Hybrid Application Assessment (HAA) is a source-code assisted assessment of a web or mobile application, thick-client, or API. With access to the source code, our consultants can rapidly identify certain types of application security vulnerabilities, such as improper use of cryptographic primitives, business logic flaws, improper input sanitization, or inadequate credential storage, among others.

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Our Cyberconsulting services provides expert advice, guidance, and strategic planning to assist clients in building a comprehensive and effective security program.

This service includes cyber threat intelligence advisory, ransomware readiness, and the usage of frameworks like the MITRE ATT&CK matrix to assess and improve your organization's security posture.

Our services are focused on helping your business to identify areas of improvements, enhance your capabilities and mitigate potential cyber threats.

Our experts will allow your organization to develop strategies designed to respond to cyber attacks if they do occur.

Our specialist team will help your organization to define the required roadmap to enhance their cybersecurity capabilities.

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