Proactive services

Alpine Security provides proactive managed cyber security services designed to continuously monitor and protect your organization from potential threats.

Our highly qualified security experts use advanced techniques of analysis and identification of malicious patterns on telemetry and analysis of artifacts collected from your organization's systems, with the aim of identifying suspicious activities and threats both in network traffic, operating systems or operational applications.

Enhance your maturity by complementing your security program with advanced cybersecurity skills and obtain a fully managed and operated service fit for your specific needs.

Keep your systems safe and guarantee a best-in-class service.

Our Proactive Threat Management services leverages on:

     - Central Unified Platform
     - Open Adaptative Technology
    -  Multivendor Integration
     - Proven Expertise

Alpine Security's offering focuses on implementing proactive detection services and solutions based on a comprehensive, streamlined approach that enables our deployment and service operations to achieve rapid returns for our customers.

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